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Fixed Appliances


Excel Fixed appliances are designed for a range of orthodontic purposes, from arch expansion, holding spaces, to breaking habits. We stay up to date with the most advanced technology, to provide the best solutions for your patients—all backed by our responsive Excel service.


Habit appliances are used as a deterrent and a reminder to break habits like a tongue thrust or finger sucking. They can also be used as trainers for tongue placement during rest and swallowing. These appliances use reminder habit cribs and Blue Grass Rollers for these purposes.


Fixed maxillary and mandibular expanders include a broad range of appliance designs. The designs are used to correct cross-bites, narrow arches and crowding. The fixed expanders utilize some mechanism of force (expansion screws, self-activating wire or wire activation) for development of the arch. Fixed appliances require minimal patient compliance and provide the doctor with better control during active orthodontic treatment. Auxiliary attachments such as brackets and habit breakers can be incorporated in most expansion appliances. See Custom Options


Distalization is used to create a class 1 molar relationship. The Pendulum family of appliances, Distal Jet and the Inman Molar Distalizer using the Inman Power Component are very popular appliances used for this purpose. Each of these appliances allow for unilateral or bilateral distalization. An expansion screw can be added to many of these appliances to prevent a cross-bite from developing.


Tooth decay, trauma from a fall, or other accidental injury are common causes of early tooth loss in children. A space-maintaining appliance can prevent a serious malocclusion in the permanent dentition, and help maintain normal speech, function, and esthetics. For adults, proper space management is important during active orthodontic and restorative treatment.

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