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RETAINERSCustom-crafted to your specifications, backed by Excel quality

Excel offers a full range of active and passive orthodontic retainers, designed to hold teeth in position after treatment. Our skilled technicians make each case to order from a stone or digital model using state-of-the-art laboratory services to ensure optimal fit and performance. We take pride in the quality of our materials and craftsmanship; and our promise is complete satisfaction—for you and your patients.

HAWLEY RETAINERSA popular option with endless design choices

The most familiar retention option, Excel offers Hawley retainers for both upper and lower arches. The core design features a cuspid to cuspid labial wire that retain the anterior teeth to hold them in place and two clasps for retention. The labial wire (also called the Hawley bow) incorporates two omega loops for adjustment. The Hawley bow and clasps are seated in a removable acrylic palate.

Use and benefits
The Hawley has the longest orthodontic history and is considered by many to be the most effective retainer. The metal wire can be adjusted to maintain treatment or make minor movement of the anterior teeth as needed. Because of minimal occlusal interference, the teeth settle into long term stable bite relationship.

Customizing options
Excel Hawley retainers can be customized with any clasp, finger spring, pontic or acrylic added to the labial bow. A variety of expansion and single tooth movement screws are also available. Excel Hawley retainers can be ordered in a wide range of acrylic colors, decals and patterns to give your patients a customized look. See color chart.

SPRING RETAINERSIdeal for minor orthodontic corrections

Designed for correcting minor incisor irregularities such as rotations, tipping and crowding, Excel spring retainers stretch around the irregular teeth, coaxing them into the desired position. The appliance is also used for passive post-orthodontic retention when severe rotations have been corrected.

Use and benefits
Worn full time, spring retainers can improve the position of slightly crowded teeth by applying gentle pressure. Even if the patient stops wearing the retainer for a period of time and the incisors move, the appliance usually has enough flexibility to reseat and continue the correction.

Customizing options
On request, our technicians will reduce the interproximal contacts of selected incisors to create sufficient space when constructing the set-up, or introduce over-corrections for additional force.

CLEAR RETAINERSGreater aesthetics and orthodontic corrections

Excel clear retainers are another popular choice for many doctors, and their patients. A clear retainer is virtually invisible when worn. It is pressure-formed in various clear materials from a stone or digital model.

Use and benefits
Clear retainers are less expensive and less visible than traditional Hawley retainers. They offer your patient both comfort and a more visually pleasing look, while maintaining the finished tooth position however, do lack the ability to allow the teeth to settle because of the occlusal coverage required from this type of retainer. Clear retainers are not recommended for patients with disorders such as bruxism, because excessive tooth grinding makes them vulnerable to breakage and deterioration.

Customizing options
A series of aligning trays can be made to correct orthodontic imperfections and are ideal for the patient who was non-compliant with wearing a retainer after the completion of orthodontic treatment.

FIXED RETAINERSUnparalleled stability for life

Unlike other retainers, Excel’s fixed retainers cannot be removed by the patient. This retainer usually consists of a passive wire bonded to the palatal side of the incisors. Contoured to contact the lingual of each anterior tooth, the wire limits any post-treatment shifting of the teeth.

Use and benefits
Fixed retainers provide unparalleled stability. Doctors often prescribe them where active orthodontic treatments have affected significant changes in the bite and there is a high risk of reversal. Because fixed retainers are often kept in place for life, patients have the assurance of experiencing little—if any—anterior relapse.

Customizing options
Excel fixed retainers are fabricated with a choice of twisted, braided or rounded stainless steel wire, and are precisely crafted to maintain orthodontic corrections. Transfer clips, transfer trays and bonding pads are available upon request.

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