FIXED RETAINERSUnparalleled stability for life

Unlike other retainers, Excel’s fixed retainers cannot be removed by the patient. This retainer usually consists of a passive wire bonded to the palatal side of the incisors. Contoured to contact the lingual of each anterior tooth, the wire limits any post-treatment shifting of the teeth.

Use and benefits
Fixed retainers provide unparalleled stability. Doctors often prescribe them where active orthodontic treatments have affected significant changes in the bite and there is a high risk of reversal. Because fixed retainers are often kept in place for life, patients have the assurance of experiencing little—if any—anterior relapse.

Customizing options
Excel fixed retainers are fabricated with a choice of twisted, braided or rounded stainless steel wire, and are precisely crafted to maintain orthodontic corrections. Transfer clips, transfer trays and bonding pads are available upon request. See custom options.

Type 141
Bonded Lingual Retainer with Stainless Steel Round Wire

Type 142
Bonded Lingual Retainer with .032 Twisted Wire

Type 143
Bonded Lingual Retainer with .0195 Braided Wire

Type 154 - Marilyn Bridge

Type 154
Marilyn Bridge

  • Pontic
  • Stainless Steel Round Wire bonded to teeth specified

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